About Us

The Hill Area Development Programme has been implemented in the Nilgiris District since the year 1975 under financial assistance from Union  Planning Commission, Western Ghat Secretariat with a view to supplement the efforts of the State Government  in  Preservation, protection and enrichment of bio-diversity.  The Nilgiris  District  is endowed  with rich bio-diversity due to the existence of  wide  range  of climatic and geological conditions.  It receives annual rainfall  with a spatial variation ranging from 800 mm to 3000 mm. It is also gifted with  thick  layer (1 to 1.5 Mts.) of fertile soil.  This  particular  region  of Western Ghat is the most suitable habitat for all kinds of flora and fauna.

 The Centrally Sponsored Programme, HADP, was  initiated in the Nilgiris District during Fifth Five Year Plan.  Over the years, the  basic objectives, and approach have undergone changes in tune with  the  emerging needs.  At present, the main objectives of the programme are  ecologi­cal  preservation,  restoration and overall development  of district economy.  Specific objectives of the programme are mentioned below.