1. To preserve and conserve extremely fragile  tropical eco-system i.e. sholas and grasslands of Nilgiris.
  2. Development of landuse plan for forest area as  well as  cultivated areas on the basis of slope levels and other  climatic, ecological considerations.
  3. Conserve soil and water to increase productivity  of the land by predominantly using vegetative methods and changing the crop­ping pattern.
  4. Promote non-land based economic activities to uplift the poor people and to ensure environment protection. 
  5. Economic  up-liftment of tribals in isolated  locations, settlements.   
  6. Manage  the human pressures on  eco-system  through comprehensive human settlement policy and discourage migration.
  7. "Area  based Approach" will be  given top priority.  Integrated plans shall be prepared for all watersheds and high priori­ty watershed shall be chosen for treatment.
  8. Use of scientific interventions will be  encouraged i.e. application of Remote Sensing, etc., 
  9. Promotion of Non-Conventional Energy sources  i.e. Solar, Hydro, Bio-gas, etc.,

            The activities of   Hill Area  Development Programme are focussed not only  on Forest, Soil Conservation  and Horticulture as the Core Sectors but  also for the sectors meeting the socio-economic developmental needs of the district.