Training is an essential component of any programme.  To begin with, workshops and seminars are being organized to achieve the specific objectives and goals for the programmes and directions by involving experts, environmental scientists, district level officials, local people etc.  Before introduce watershed approach based on the guidelines approved by the Government of India, it is highly essential to orient and train all district officials, elected representatives, local people, Watershed Team Member and Community Organizers.

                        Planning for hill areas, especially the “Nilgiris” with fragile eco-system, needs specialized training.  It is also essential to conduct seminars, lectures on innovative methods of planning, implementation and monitoring and for effective exchange of ideas.  For imparting training, institutions have been identified such as Horticulture Research Station, Soil Conservation Institute and service of these and other reputed institutions and resource person being utilized for training.

                        The Hill Area Development Programme Training Centre has been constructed from the savings fund allotted during the year 2004-05 at an estimated cost of Rs.20.00 lakhs.  The Training Centre has a Main Training Hall, a Library Room, a Lounge and a Multimedia Room with well equipped with the latest technology to provide advanced training to the trainees.  The training hall with approximate capacity of about 200 seats and help in imparting training to about the 200 to 225 members at a time.  The Main Training hall is well equipped with the Computerized Audio System.  The library has the latest books an Environment, Ecology, Tourism and Watershed Development.  The training centre has been well utilized for providing training to the WDT Members, Watershed Committee Members / Presidents, Community Organizers and Watershed Paid Secretaries.